See what some of Michelle's clients have to say about their experience.

I have been doing Michelle’s core strength exercises for three months now, and I can tell might as well not even ride your bike seriously if you aren’t incorporating a good core workout as well. It really is that essential. Your leg strength is useless if you don’t have a strong foundation to push against. A strong core utilizes your leg strength more effectively than riding alone, and in order to be efficient and make the best use of your time this has to be a part of your training. Period.
— Jason Donald, Pro Cyclist, Slipstream/Chipotle Cycling Team
Michelle Grainger helped me bounce back from two pregnancies through a combination of weight training, cardio suggestions and sound nutritional advice. I gained lean muscle mass, strength and endurance while having fun with the program and staying motivated.
— Michelle Wieber, mother of two great kids; Boulder, CO
The difference between professional training and going-it-alone made a world of difference for me. In the first year, Michelle took my riding to a whole new level and I took 1.5 hours off my Leadville 100 time. It was worth every penny.
— Jenn Dice, Government Relations Director, IMBA, wants to break the Leadville 100 record
Michelle brings a full career of direct, practical experience, extensive specialized education, and unbounded enthusiasm to the table. She is a joy to work with. Under her tutelage I won a NORBA National race at Big Bear and took a second place at Mammoth. I was the 55+ cyclocross champion in 2003, and placed second in 2004 and 2005.
— John Daily, Professor and Director of the Center for Combustion Research, University of Colorado, Boulder
At 71, after years of “non competitive” (but intense) group road riding, I took on a bucket list goal of riding in the Georgia regional qualifier for the National Senior Olympic Games. I decided I needed some help with a training plan and hooked-up with Michelle. Working long distance by phone and email, and using power meter files, she quickly assessed my abilities and developed a monthly training plan with weekly reports. Like a job with a “to do” list every day. Increasingly hard efforts timed with intermediate goals of riding time trial races through the summer. As the Games approached in September she had me taper and concentrate on efforts to match the 4 events I was to compete in - 40k & 20k road races and 10k & 5k time trials.

I took the work seriously and was full of confidence going in, but began to feel the confidence slip as I saw my true cycling ability reveal itself. Her job sort of became a sports psychologist and coach which she took on with a vengeance. My goal was simply to prepare the best I could, show-up and finish. She kept telling me I am better than I think and to concentrate on staying in the moment. Turns out I won two second place silver medals in the road races and 5th in the time trial. What a joyI

Without Michelle, I would not have been prepared or capable of the success I found. I just wish I could give her a big hug. Now with some restored confidence I’ll be looking for the next goal and the chance to continue the friendship we’ve built.

Wayne Robinson
Retired real estate developer
Atlanta, Georgia
I work long hours and can find more excuses not to work out than you can imagine. A friend recommended Michelle and not only has she helped me lose 16 inches in various parts of my body. She cares about her clients and will help you accomplish whatever goal you are trying to attain, from extreme athletes to menopausal women who just want to feel better about themselves.
— Irene Shaffer, realtor, REMAX of Boulder
Michelle has been essential to my success as an ultracyclist. Her highly professional, customized and flexible approach to training planning enabled me to achieve my ultracycling goals while also running a business (which involves travel) and becoming a father. Michelle is a master at making the most out of limited training time.
— Urs Koneig, PhD, MBA, Redpoint Business Coaching; Seattle, WA