Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of Lynne Grainger’s work. A non-traditionalist, she juxtaposes the unexpected in a pleasing manner, both visually and journalistically. One of her many skills is effectively uniting an idea with an image.

An amateur photographer, Lynne’s passion for visual aesthetics—beauty, texture, light and natural elements—developed at a young age. She obtained a degree in advertising from the Journalism College at the University of Florida and subsequently taught a communications and design course there. She studied graphic design at the Ringling School of Art and Design, and this experience helped shape her lifelong vision. She started her career at an ad agency, collaborated with designers at a boutique studio in Sarasota, worked as a typesetter and assisted the Art Department at Sarasota Magazine.

Lynne has built a flourishing business as a designer and artistic consultant. Her creativity fuses with her business acumen to produce compelling results for her clients’ products and services. From designing logos to collateral materials such as stationery, stickers and banners as well as catalogues, books, CD covers, brochures and even cigar bands, Lynne reaches many audiences. Her unique combination of talents has landed her a varied roster of clients.

Her personal interests reflect her zest for embracing the unfamiliar, from learning to sail to taking voice and painting lessons and web design classes. When she travels, she borrows cultural nuances and incorporates them in how she sees and represents a variety of concepts. She’s taken photos of signage in Montreal, observed how Italians hang their laundry, photographed food being transported down a canal in Venice. But it’s not just the exotic that moves her. She is stirred by her everyday surroundings, studying nature, light sources and shadows.

She draws inspiration from her studio—a mélange of aboriginal art, books on art history, photography, her acrylic paints, artifacts from her travels, and a wire clothesline draped with design projects. Her studio overlooks her garden, which is just as eclectic. Dotted among flowerbeds are teacups glued to copper poles. A pergola and a fire pit invite cozy gatherings. Old, Bohemian bits comfortably share space with new life and the fresh presentation of ideas.





What Clients Said


I first met Lynne Grainger over 15 years ago as a consumer in a fair trade store I was managing. When I opened my own fair trade store in 1996 Lynne was invaluable as a marketing consultant and graphic designer. Her attention to detail and perfectionism can almost seem over the top at times, but the end result is an ad that stands out above all the rest. Her recent endeavor for us has been to build our website from scratch for which we gave her free-rein. Lynne has an uncanny ability to think outside the box which results in photographs and web pages that are totally awesome and unique. She also brings an energy and excitement to her work which is contagious and is evidenced in her finished product.
— Sandy Ramsey, Director, Artisans' World Marketplace
Lynne started out with me five years ago when I bought Ace. The company needed a major overhaul in its presentation. The new look set the tone; I relied on Lynne for everything from copy writing and photography to advice on marketing to our customer base and press releases. She worked fairly with my budget and met extraordinary deadlines, always ­ with pleasure.

Her highly honed design skills together with a comprehensive understanding of just what it takes to find and get the attention of a qualified buyer is an essential partnering for any business. I can offer no higher compliment than to say that I trust Lynne and she has proven to be someone on whom I can depend.
— Kristy Tingle, President, Ace Boat Lifts
“Lynne is dangerious.” This is the most stylized use of dangerous. She has, and continues to, assist me with graphic design needs. From spear-heading several public relations campaigns for my restaurant (SouthGate Gourmet), to full press kits, logo design and more; currently she designed the logo and stationery package for an investment office. Lynne made sure the image and graphics were cohesive, understandable well received by my target audience. She was receptive to idea’s and clear about what would work. Not to mention, you get to work with an out-spoken red head headed Aussi.”
— James C. Whatmore, Executive Chef / Owner, SouthGate Gourmet