Comfort Design

Why not? There’s comfort food. Who doesn’t like to feel good by indulging in those tried-and-true, nostalgic foods like mac-n-cheese. I figure some design calls for comfort, too. Easily recognized. Predictable. Simple color breaks and shapes. Introducing the Jack O’ Lantern. The carved out pumpkin appearing at front doors in October as Halloween nears. The name comes from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack; Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America. I gotta say I’m a softy on comfy tradition; every October I start my pumpkin search and anticipate bringing life to this gourd by carving out shapes, throwing in a lit candle and admiring its ghoulish face. Sometimes pushing the envelope means knowing the same old envelope is just fine. Simple design and recognizable shape is memorable. And, comforting.