Two of my favorite things in life

Two of my favorite things in life: Rides with Steve and friends and hanging out with my dogs.

Today was a rest day from the bike. My legs were tired yesterday and I really want them rested before Alaska. Tomorrow will be a short ride, Saturday a moderate ride, and Sunday, I'll see how I feel. I'd rather feel like I haven't done enough riding then feel tired by next weekend.

Today, Steve and I took the girls up to the Red Shack and Apple Mine trails. Since it was much cooler today, both dogs were running around like crazy. Kayla, especially, kept running up and down the hills as if she had not been on a hike in days. We call her The Booger Head when she acts like this. She just listens enough to come when we really mean it. Lucie, always the obedient dog, stayed close to us. We like to think that she is doing it because she is so well trained but she likely stays close because she is very treat motivated. Either way, we'll take it.

Near the mines, the dogs had a lot of fun running around and looking for the bear that left big piles of poop everywhere near the apple trees. We, in turn, had fun watching them run around.

We absolutely cannot imagine life without the two of them. They are always interested in what we're doing, where we're going, and what we may include them in. You can't beat the big tail wag when you come home, whether you're gone 10 minutes to the mailbox and back or gone to work for the day. We have to wonder if we are really more fit having two dogs (that get no less then an hour a day of hiking) or if we are just really tired and don't care.

Life is always good at this house.