Well, the 500 mile week of riding is over. I think I'll miss my mini vacation.

I finished the week with a ride to Estes with Steve. We decided to take a route we've not taken before. This route went from Boulder to Lyons, up St. Vrain to Raymond, past Meeker, and into Estes. From Estes we took the usual 36 route back into Lyons, did 2 loops of the Apple Valley Loops, then to Hygiene, and 75 back to Boulder. 102 miles.

The day Started out really nice with an easy pace to Lyons. Once onto St. Vrain we encountered our first great sighting of the day. A HUGE! Elk. He must have been about 7 feet tall.

I was pretty tired going up St. Vrain but once we got into Raymond I thought it would be smooth riding. Nope. A major headwind all the way to Estes. The type of headwind that you're pedaling as hard as you can downhill and only going 15 mph. Yikes! No worries, it was a beautiful route and lots to look at to keep your/my mind occupied.
Once in Estes we were both surprised at how hot it already was and it was only 11 AM.
Didn't stay long. Only time enough to have a Coke and a bag of Clif Blocs and head down the canyon.

Once in Lyons, I knew we needed a few extra miles before getting back to Boulder. Even though I knew I had over 500 for the week, I actually wanted one more century ride. So Steve and I rode the lower Apple Valley Loop ( I call it Banana Valley Loop) twice. It was quiet, had a nice cool breeze and a huge mound of bear poop.
There are so many apple trees along the road and berry bushes, I'm sure the bears in this area love it here. This was a pretty big pile.

After the two loops in Apple valley, we headed into Hygiene and back into Boulder. Finishing the day with a ride time of about 6:15. Not bad considering how tired I was from the long week of riding.

Saturday was a rest day from riding. I decided to hike with Lucie and Kayla and took them for about an hour and a half. hike near our house. Saturday afternoon I worked at the gym, which was renovated over the week and looked incredible. www.ironworksfitness.net

Today, Sunday, I had a great relaxed day with Steve, the girls (Lucie and Kayla) , Eugene, and Joanne. We all did a very mellow mt. bike ride near the house and then grilled out afterwards. Of course, the girls didn't ride.

Now it's moderate riding for the week and back to work until the Soggy Bottom 100 mt. bike race on Labor day weekend.