2 hikes, a mountain ride, and a BBQ. The perfect Sunday.

Steve wanted to do a road century. I wanted to ride my mountain bike. Haven't been on it since coming home from Alaska. The pending snow was also a reason to want to ride in the mountains. Lots of time for road riding all winter.

That left me with the Girls. So, off on our usual red shack trail we went. Only this hike was special. Lucie was filled with more excitement than usual. She's pretty stoic most of the time. This morning she was running and goofing off with Kayla, more than I have seen in a long time. The weather?

So, today I got great photos of her. Kayla, too, but that's nothing new. We had a blast. Running around, checking under logs, around rocks, looking up trees for chipmunks and squirrels. A blast by all involved.

After the hike, I headed out on the easy Business Loop, with a few other side trips. Wanted to make sure the aspens were not turning, yet. They weren't. Still green. I'm happy. It was an interesting ride as every half hour the weather changed from foggy cold back to sunny and warmer. Fun to take photos in, especially when no one is waiting around for me.

Met up with a couple of Forest Service Rangers. Asked them what hunting is going on right now. A lot of times I bring the Girls up there to run. Only bow and arrow. Safe from guns for another month. Actually think they aren't supposed to shoot in this area because it's so close to multi use recreation. But I see hunters each fall. In the fall, I make the Girls wear funny orange coats I sewed from hunter's vests. At least they won't look like deer.

As I got closer to home, the fog really started to move in and I thought I'd get rained on before getting home. The fog was coming from the north and the wind started to kick up. Thought the snow was coming but as I got closer to the house the sky opened up for another round of sun.

By the time I was done with my ride, and Steve was done with his ride, it was time for another romp in the woods. Another hike. Never get tired of that activity. Great was to stay in shape, have fun with the Girls and have time with Steve.

By dark we had a house full of dogs and people. Some from town and others, mountain neighbors. Everyone talking about what they'd done for the day. Just plain good noise. Dogs playing, salmon and steak on the grill, a full kitchen of bread, potato salad, rice, corn on the cob and wine and beer. Just friends getting together before the season slips away.