Three years ago a little bundle of fun was born. I waited 20 years for this little soul to be mine. Well, as much mine as any Rhodesian Ridgeback could be mine. Thanks to Melissa and Akina my-our wait was finally over.

Why 20 years? I waited until my lifestyle fit being the owner (called a guardian in Boulder ) of a dog. Needed to make more time to hike every day and not just ride my bike.

Now, we have two RRs. Lucie is 3 and Kayla, a bit over a year. I call them, "The Girls". They are my companions, my hiking mates, my comedians, and sometimes my headaches. We love them as if they were our kids. I'm sure, much to the amusement of others, we treat them like kids.

Life would not be the same without them.

I go to my mailbox for 10 minutes and they act like I've been gone for a year. The greeting I get upon my return, has no word to describe it. When I go to work for the day they give me the same enthusiastic doggie bow, tail wagging, wiggling body, greeting. Yup, life is more enriched, more enthusiastic, and more joyful because I have my Girls.

We hike them no less than 7 hours every week and usually up to 10 hours. An hour a day of hiking is enough for most humans to stay in pretty good shape, let alone keep the dogs happy. It becomes more fun every week to run, hide, romp, and watch them on these hikes. It's allowed us to meet more people and understand more about life.

Thanks Lucie for being such a great friend. If you had not been the best in the world, we may not have brought you home Kayla.

The three cats (Sophie, Nina, and Izzie), also great companions, may not totally agree with me about the joy and fun you bring to the house. But, I'll guess in their own feline life of contentment, they too, love having the household mixed up a bit.

Here's to life never being boring.

Happy Birthday Lucie and many many more.