Can life get any better?

One of the best things about my job is that I can go into work later in the day. I have many of my mornings off and I don't mind working later into the evenings. More time to hike,, and ride with Steve. And the Girls.

The colors are great right now. We like to ride on an extensions of the Switzerland trail where there are loads of Aspen trees.

Yesterday we took the Girls up to this area and climbed high up to the top of a ridge. There we had a 360 degree view of the mountains and the valley below. Just wonderful.

The ride to this area is on an old RR bed and not a hard ride. Unfortunately it is also where several jeep trail ride books tell jeep-ters to go see the colors. Oh well, sharing isn't always easy. That's why I like to ride in places that cars cannot go or take the Girls hiking.

We had a great hike and the Girls had fun running around off leash. I love living so close to Forest Service land. Their recall is really good. Kayla has really grown up a lot in the last few months. I hope Sunday's Good Samaritan testing goes well for them.