In search of a new trail before the snow hits the ground

I knew it was going to rain and snow today, so I wanted to get the Girls out before the weather set in. Also had good friend, Joanne, along for the exploration of a new trail.

So, we climbed and climbed to the top of this hill. Doesn't take too long to get o the top and when you get to the top, the view is worth a million bucks.

I've gone by this hill a hundred or more times. Always on my bike. Always wanted to know, that what I was convinced, would be a long forgotten, miners hide-a-way. It's near the RR bed of long ago. In fact, in the opposite direction of this hill, deep in the ravine below, are old cabins. So, it only made sense that above there would be similar 100 year old dwellings, too.

At some point the dogs took off in different directions. Lucie, as usual, stayed close. Kayla, decided to explore on her own. At times, driving me to a worried state of "where's Kayla?".
After calls and great whistles from Joanne, once again, the "booger head" would appear. Only to disappear over the next set of hills and reappear shortly after.
Hill after hill, we explored. Hill after hill, we only found woods, trees, views, and an occasional tree stump. But no trails. Only the foot path of a deer or elk. I was sure that a miner, a homesteader, or someone would have found this place perfect for a home. But nothing.
It was a good day exploring. Now I know. What I think would have made a great home site, others did not. But it's still a great place to wonder around without a single person ever knowing you'd been there.