70s one day and 40s the next

Cords today. OK, so it's dorky to dress your dogs up like you. Whatever. I had my coat first. Their coats came from Old Navy at very good prices. Actually The Girls most likely could have hiked without them, but if we stand around a lot (which is known to happen when fixing a trail) then Lucie gets cold.

The last couple of days I've hiked doubles. Singles are standard with The Girls, and doubles happen when I don't have time to suit up and ride.

The cold weather came in later in the day yesterday. By last night the sleet started and it got pretty cold up here in the mountains. Had to cover flowers, baskets, and some of the late bloomers. Not as much fog and ice on the ground this morning, as predicted, so that's always a good thing. It's hard to train when the weather is too cold to suit up but not cold enough to ski or snowshoe. So then hiking is the main attraction around here.
Always starts out with a good steep start to the Barn Trail and then onto Red Shack and then we start to look for the Antler trail.

The Antler Trail was named because Lucie found a huge 10 point antler on it last year. She tried to drag it home, but it was just way too big and heavy. So I helped her bring it home and it sits in a tree for all to look at. Once the trail was named, we worked hard at keeping it safe and sound. Now it's a regular highway for deer, cats, bear, rabbits and best of all, us.

Steve got home from the Swap with enough time to go out of hike number two and make it into work for the late shift. He brought me home a really cool Italian wool jersey and a barely used Fi zik Vitess saddle. My favorite saddle.

I don't like to go to the Swap much anymore. Too many people. I had my own work to do. I went fridge hunting with J friend and found this most awesome French Door fridge. Perfect, as it will just fit into the space were the present day- 20 year old fridge is now. Score. Gets here in about 2 weeks.

Tomorrow starts the serious winter projects. That means less riding for a couple of weeks while wood is cut/sawed, flower beds are prepped, chimney cleaned out, and other cold weather preparations are made.

Don't count the Rockies out, just yet. They are a young team and are doing well. I know, they're not winning but they are new at this and just wait, they'll get better and better.