Warm weather riding turns to snow in Colorado high country

Warm, mostly sunny, very windy. Snow developing by late Saturday night. 40 degree temperature difference expected by Sunday.

On Saturday, rode with J Friend, knowing the snow was coming on Sunday. Awesome day to ride. Weather was warm , sun was out, and even though there was a wicked west wind, we never got cold.

Starting the ride we headed straight into the wind and I thought that maybe we should cut the ride time down. I had to work in the gym later in the day and I was wondering how much more wind was on it's way. That's fall riding.

The higher and higher we rode, the sky got a little darker, and the temperature a little colder. Still, the wind persisted but the temperatures only dropped a little. Just enough to put on long gloves and a rain jacket.

Because time was tight, we decided to stay on the Peak to Peak, instead of staying in the woods. I really wanted to have the extra time to show J Friend the Aspen Trail.The magical trail were I crashed last week. Wanted to see what caused the crash, which tree and which rock.

Once back in to the woods and onto the Aspen Trail, we ran into Shadow Man. It's very likely Shadow Man was responsible for my little mishap on the trail, as I couldn't find the tree that clipped my bars and caused the nice black and blue knee and sore shoulder.

Still, the Aspens are so magical here, and this little forest is so alive.
Most likely I'll have limited time to hike or ride this great little trail. Snow is coming and I prefer not to ride here if it's muddy. It's pristine single track and there's no point to ruin it for the future.

So, until the next warm and sunny day, I say good bye to the Aspen trees and hello to the boots, coats, and winter gear of winter.