Fridges and food for thought.

OK. How dorky is it to get excited over a new refrigerator? I mean, well, it is something. Sort of "the" event in this household. Never had a new fridge. Never. Last one was about 15-17 years old and almost dead. We'd have to adjust the thermostat almost daily. 35 degrees and freezing the apples. 50 degrees and, well, that's kind of dangerous for the milk, eggs, dog food. We never really knew what day may be the day to ditch the food. So, well, this is kind of a big deal. Almost as good as a new bike. Looks good next to the stove. OK, so I can't ride the refrigerator up to Peak To Peak. Can't commute to work on it. But, after a ride to Peak To Peak, I can come home, open the fridge and just look. Look as long as I like. With the doors open for all to stare into. Look for any food that will satisfy that particular hunger that makes you think a peanut butter and jam sandwich is the best food on the planet. The hunger that you ignore on hour 6 of the 7 hour ride, just so you can raid the fridge. Eat anything you want. Dream of the food that's waiting. Waiting, inside that new fridge. So, here's to the old fridge, on its' way to, well, not sure. Here's to the new fridge, waiting to be opened; eager to show off the fruits and vegetables of the earth, the eggs of the fowl, the milk of the cow, the grains of the fields, and , yup, the beer from Oscar Blues. See ya, I'm hungry.