Ho HO HO, here comes the snow

It's beautiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiful! And they told me I could walk. Walk on a flat surface. Maybe, "they" meant a sidewalk. Well, this is my sidewalk. It's also, the only flat ground I know. Yup, leave it to an old RR bed to finally have some fun. Even if it's only for 30 minutes. I'll take five, if that was all I could do. But I tried out 30 and it felt awesome. Injuries suck but man, do they make you love it when you're well.

No wind this past weekend on Saturday. So in the car the Girls and I went. To the flats of the old RR bed. Yahooiiiieeee! It was beautiful, and pristine, and clear, and we were the second group on the RR bed.
Went to look at some single track I like to ride on and I was the first one to see it.....
and Kayla was the first to walk on it.

The Girls had a blast and I had a blast.

It goes to show you, even if you can only do a little, it IS a lot. So get outside and do something, go somewhere, be happy you can. Winter is here and that means skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, walking, snowman making, and more. You can even ride your bike but dress warmly. This is the time to get in cross training and sneak in some base miles/time before the new year.