What's in a pad, anyway?

So, lately I've been just hanging out. You know, hanging in the hood, in/at my pad. But, is a house ever called someone's pad? It all depends.

So, what's in a pad? All of your things? Valuables? Room mates? Partners? Team mates? Couches, chairs, refrigerators, cats, dogs, beds, and more? It all depends, doesn't it? If you have a large area, is it a maxi pad? Is a small area called a mini pad, then?

Why's a place where helicopters, jets, and planes land, called a pad? It all depends.

And what about those things you write on, pads. They can be yellow, white, pink, and all colors of the rainbow. Why are they pads? It all depends.

You can even have sticky pads. Hang them up on the fridge. The new fridge. Hang on doors so you don't forget their groceries.

You can even eat pads. Spelled Padh Thai. Some sort of rice noodles. Hhhmmmm. Why's that sound like pad? It depends.

Even your mattress has a pad. So many pads. How do we tell one from the other in the English language? I guess it all depends.

So, you can tell that when I can't ride much, well, it's just not good for the blog. But getting creative can be good for the mind. Maybe, it all depends.