Who is Clay Rubano? Other than my best friend....

Here's is something Clay wrote about himself. You can read this so that you will know the kind man we are waiting for, to come home. Thanks and keep the faith, or "be the budda", as Clay would say.

MY MISSION: Guiding people through expedition learning to rise to the challenges of daily life.

MY VISION: Leadership expeditions building community. People actively learning how to maximize their collective strengths and going beyond preconceived limits.

OCCUPATION (WHAT I REALLY DO): Connect the dots; introduce people for mutually beneficial relationships. Imagine possibilities and get-things-going. Synthesize from the known to create the new. Enjoy the process!

SPECIAL SKILLS/ABILITIES: Asking unusual questions. Exploring. Negotiating. Multi-tasking during emergency responses. Off-beat sense of humor. Easy to get along with. Researching.

EXPEDITIONS & ADVENTURES: 4th Grade: Independently chose to explore nearby river during 4H camp rather than sticking with the established schedule/activities. After near incarceration in camp time-out, successfully negotiated leading river expeditions for other campers.

Whitewater raft guide and kayak instructor in Colorado, Utah, and Honduras. Integrated personality profiles with whitewater rafting for Fast Company company. Personal rafting trip with friends on Colorado River; 280 miles from Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry in 14 days.

United States Antarctic Program: Transportation and Communications. Austral summers in the “central nervous system” for expedition communications. Antarctic communications operator supporting expeditions across the continent. Met my future wife while hiking the Castle Rock Loop.

Park Ranger in Glacier National Park. Personal solo trip of 50 miles in four days of backpacking; saw three horses, six people, and one large grizzly bear at Fifty Mile Campground; no humans seen for thirty miles.

Desiderata Institute (volunteer): Cooperated with Arno Ilgner in developing “The Warrior’s Way - Mental Training for Rock Climbing.” Enabled Arno to apply Warrior’s Way to whitewater kayaking.

Travels: Antarctica, Australia, Canada, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand, Rancho del Rio Colorado, Day Bar at McMurdo Station, Southeast San Diego, Grand Canyon, Howard, Rancho Del Rio, Canada, Alaska.

DISCOVERIES I'VE MADE ON EXPEDITION: Unexpected life changes drop people into expedition mode on a daily basis. Inspiration and practical advice can be gained from survivor stories. The road is the goal. Be the Buddha. Intention directs attention. Always bring duct tape. Lander, Wyoming.

MY PRINCIPLES AND BELIEFS: Trust in Love. “Follow your coincidences.” (Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche). “When in doubt, go higher.” (Mountain Gazette magazine motto). “Today’s the day!” (Mel Fisher)

MY VALUES: Perseverance. Enthusiasm. Integrity. Humor. Growth. Leadership. Outdoors.

KAI: 126


LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I proposed to my wife in Antarctica during a photo shoot for custom light-weight camping gear that she had made. She won me and the photo contest!

SECOND LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Royal Robbins presentation inspired me to kick the cubicle habit and live even more adventurously.