Awesome weekend of riding!

When you see a giraffe on the start of your ride, you know it's gonna be a great ride.
Steve and I rode a 33 mile ride today. It was my second ride (outside) for the weekend. Both days were almost completely sunny and about 37-39 degrees. Yesterday I rode with some friends for a 30 mile ride. It is the first time in about 10 weeks that I have been able to ride two days in a row. Now I know I'm back on the track to getting in shape.

Not that it was easy. The mphs and times were easy, but my body didn't think it was that easy. We did about 15-17 mph averages. Not bad. can't wait to get the times shorter and the mph averages back up past 18-20, and more. It is only January and since I don't race, I'm not in a hurry. Last year I was riding a little more and the mph averages were only slightly higher for this time of year.

Both days we rode Boulder out to Hygiene Road, down to 75th and then back to Boulder. Easy routes, nice scenery, and good friends to ride with. I could ride the same loops over and over without ever getting bored.

Had lots of fun riding today with Steve. Had to stop a few times to take photos. I didn't know he was in this one until I got home and loaded it on the computer. Goofy Steve. One of the reasons I married him. He keeps life from getting too serious.
Got an email from my relatives in Australia. We're planning a trip there to see my side of the family. We were trying to match that trip up with mountain Worlds but may need to go sooner than fall of 09. Will have to see how that one unfolds. So many places I want to go and so little time. Still, it's important to visit family because life really is too short. Also, it's hard to go somewhere without bikes for such a long time. it's pretty easy to travel to France or Italy and take bikes, but Australia??????? More than likely we can rent bikes and bring our own saddles and pedals.

The last week was very productive. Not only did I get a lot of work done, I also got my contracts into Rudy Project USA and Clif Bar. It will be great to go another year with some great sponsors. Rudy Project USA, Clif Bar, and KHS.