Off to Camp We Go

It's been a while. I seem to have all sorts of excuses as to why it took so long to write again. Guess that I've just been busy. Busy riding, hiking with The Girls, hanging with Steve, and riding with friends. And, busy with work. Getting ready for the Pactour Women's Cycling Camp. It's in Arizona, a week long and lots of riding. We should end up with around 500 miles for the week.

Last weekend I rode with some friends to Carter Lake. It was a Birthday ride for my friend. We rode 89 miles. The lake was beautiful and the weather was mild and sunny. A little windy in the afternoon. It's been windy on most of the rides this Spring. Oh well, beats sitting in an office.

The climb up to Carter Lake.

I've got about 1700 miles for the year. Not bad considering I had surgery in Oct and sat on my butt for 8 weeks. Still have a long way to go but the riding is going well.

My friend Rebecca Rusch,,has been racing in the Cape Epic South Africa. Her team mate, Cristina Begy crashed out of the race, breaking her collar bone. Hope she's OK, as it's not the first collar bone break she's had racing. The awesome news is that Rebecca is still racing. Not officially, but she decided to stay in and race to the end. You rock, Rebecca. I remember racing in The cape Epic, the first year they had it. It was incredible! I loved it and still have great memories of the race and the people of South Africa.

The Girls and I have been hiking a lot in the woods. Same woods but we never get tired of it.

So, I'm off to camp tomorrow. I'll ride to Mt Lemon on Sunday with my friend Michelle Weiber. Camp starts on Sunday at 4:00 PM. From there we head to Sierra Vista. In Sierra Vista we stay at a hotel and do day rides around the area. Places on the agenda are Thombstone, Bisbee, and Patagonia. I'll give talks each day. Topics include climbing and descending, training program designs, weight training for women, and nutrition.

We'll return on Sunday and then it's time to get out the mountain bike. Looking forward to some trails.