Dry run with loaded bike

Today was the dry run ride in preparation for the Fleche. We loaded up our bikes and headed to Boulder. Steve on his Seven Brevet bike-built to carry a load and me on my KHS Flite Team racing bike. Normally 15 pounds and very fast-now about 8-9 pounds heavier and still pretty darn fast. Man, I love this bike. I just hope it doesn't hate me for loading it down.
First stop on the ride was to watch our friend race in a triathlon. She was faster than we thought but got to see her on her run.

Next stop was a place called Resource 2000. We were looking for doors, windows, and cabinets. No luck but we did run into our good friend John and his wife. They too were taking advantage of the nice warm weather and taking a bike ride.
From Resource 200 we headed through town and over to another friend's house to get him out riding. We brought him along for the last leg of the ride-the ride back home.

We learned a lot from the ride today. My seat had been slipping backward for the last couple of months. I knew it didn't seem right but thought maybe I was mistaken. We fixed that. The bike proved to be a champ. We also added all of the lights and finished the minor bag adjustments.

I think it will be great ride next weekend. Fun, adventurous and a great learning experience. Who knows, maybe we'll do a lot of these and I'll look for my own Brevet bike.