Hail in the mountains, worse for the people of the plains

This was nothing compared to what we encountered on our walk with the Girls and what the people on the plains of Colorado got.

As we walked the Girls, it was hailing little pea sized hail throughout the hike. Special K didn't mind so much, as not much ever bothers her. L-Newbie, however, didn't like the hail one bit but we made her go on the hike anyway.

As we headed for the Red Shack the Girls kept picking up a scent of what Steve and I figured was the local bear. Kinda smelly and kept the Girls on their toes. So we decided to turn back and take a different route. No point in following something much bigger, much meaner, and much more adept to the woods.

As we got about an hour into the hike and close to home the hail got much worse. Much worse.

All of a sudden the sky got very dark and hail the size of large grapes began to dump. That's when the Girls decided they'd had enough. They both took off like bats outa h#$% and no amount of calling and whistling mattered. It's also when a huge chunk of hail hit me in the eye. No I wasn't looking up.

Special K came running back but L was nowhere in sight. So I ran down the trail calling and calling.

Only after the hail dropped more normal sizes did she come back, and not looking very good. She hates rain, let alone hail. This was the end of the hike and as it turned out, the beginning of the worst weather to hit the Greely, Ft. Collins, and Windsor.

Working on getting some goods together for these folks and will deliver it later this week.