Never forget those that have walked with us and no longer can

Clay Rubano
Today I've been thinking a lot about two people that I loved very much and that are no longer with us any more. It's easy to keep moving on through life without much thought to the things that hurt our hearts. But that's not fair to the memories of others.

Dawne Lowery.
When we think about life it's easy to think about what the future holds, what things to worry about tomorrow and what plans we need to make. It's not so easy to think about today. To think about now and to enjoy it. To enjoy the people in our lives and to live in the present.

My life is really awesome. I don't want to forget how wonderful it is. It is the people that I've known and the people and family in it now that make my life wonderful.

Here's to many and all of the people that shared and enriched our lives. Thank you David, Jean, Scott, Dawne, Chloe, Dawne, Clay, Melissa, and many more.