Beautiful winter day. The whole weekend was excellent.

Mapleton Hill neighborhood with beautiful holiday lights.

Awesome hiking with Steve and the Girls.

It was a great weekend. Lots of holiday cheer, gathering of friends, and outdoor activities.

Saturday was a great day for baking cookies and making chocolates. I'm working on making chocolates that have new and interesting flavors.

Saturday I went to visit my friends Matt and Cathy and their new baby (well, 5 1/2 months old), Jack. He is quite the cuties and so happy. Fun to catch up with them.

Then I did what I call "floundering". You know, when you don't really have plans to do anything but you feel like you should be doing something productive. So I drove around for a while with not a lot of purpose. I did get some last minute holiday shopping done and then got home in time to hike with the Girls again. This hike was quite a bit colder than the earlier hike. Just the same we were able to get in a couple of miles at a quick pace. That way they could stay warm. It was only about 18 degrees. The Girls seem to like the cold weather-or they know that running around a lot keeps them warm. Still it's amazing how agile they are ducking and zipping here and there through the trees and bushes.

Saturday night we went to Nannie's holiday party. She has so many amazing friends. Fun fun fun! Good food and a good time. Also, nice to drive through her new neighborhood and see the holiday lights.
Sunday we slept in very "in". Woke up at 10:00! Yikes. Felt like I had to catch up all day. Made the last of the batches of cookies and chocolate. After cleaning up the house we took the Girls out. Although the temps were a little colder from Saturday, it seemed much warmer. We got in a great hour and it was so beautiful. Lots of great colors in the sky.

Never get tired of these views. Can see almost the whole way to Boulder.

Same big white rock, different day. Never get tired of this special spot.

After the hike but before the dinner at Gold Hill Inn, we cut a Holiday tree down-from our yard, of course. It's small but needed to be cut b/c it was too close to other trees.

Sunday night we went to the Gold Hill Inn. Awesome food and a really good place to hang with friends. Jeff and Holly came up with us. Good time by all.