Late Starts, Running Butts, Paul Bunyon, and Proper Lifting Form.

Oh, what you can see on your rides.....

Man we live is a most awesome place. Sunday was wicked windy in the morning. Funny thing is...

OK, there is an advantage to sleeping in until 9. You get up, see that there is mega wind howling around and you have a cup of coffee. Then you hike your dogs into the woods up the hill and play around with them so they have a fun day, too. Then you come back, with the wind still howling and think, maybe a ride up Sunshine may be better. But then you get your crap together and pile into the car and head to Boulder. As you get there and stand in some random parking lot, you begin to grin... the wind is not as bad as earlier in the day. Ha ha. The late starters win. Other late starters are meeting up with you. You ride. You ride, we rode, 52 miles. We were lucky... the wind was pretty mild. Maybe consistent at 20 mph. That's nothing compared to early in the day. And.... it was hardly blowing when we hit the Diagonal. Lucky? Maybe. Happy, for sure!
Steve got the bikes and gear ready and I took the Girls for their hike on the local trails. I have to say, I'm getting in better shape taking them up the hills so much. It's great winter cross training. Now that I'm running with them so often, I can feel that my legs are more equal in strength. The running has really helped get my Quads, Hamstrings, and Gluts pretty strong. More even. That's the key to cross training. The bike is awesome, great, and my passion and it's not weight bearing, but I know it's not always the best at making the muscles even. Too easy to use only one side of your legs, your hips, your gluts. So, running and hiking (bonus bc it's with the Girls) is great cross training for me in the winter. That and soon I'd like to skate ski. That's great for balance.

So, hike we did. And, we found the "Sherpa Hat"! That's bonus points.

After our hike we hurried to town to ride. And the first stop was...

Next we were in search for Paul. We found him, in all his total 30 foot high glory.

Fruit Loops, the Small Square Loop. Hygiene, and home.

Another great day staying in shape for the upcoming Brevet season.

Goofy Sherpa Hat shadow photos.
SO many years together and still having fun.
Oh yessssssss. Must use proper lifting techniques even when moveing things off of your trails.