End of the day.

As soon as I got home from riding home from work, we were able to get in a great hour and a half hike with The Girls.

The ride home was awesome, as it usually is. Wind was not very bad today and the temp was in the upper 60s. Not bad for winter, huh?

I'm really getting in some good riding with the weather so warm. It's seems that I can get so much more from the commuting miles than I can from a trainer ride. But remember that its not as defined as a trainer workout. It depends upon wind, the climb, how tired my legs may be from the ride to work. I usually have just enough time to ride a TT to work. 30 min and hard. So, I don't do my "easy" recovery days on a commute. It's 600 feet of elevation gain to get ot work and it's 1600 home. Not exactly easy unless you go really really slow.

My "littel
commute to and from work. This is the canyon part.

Who do you think made these prints? They were rather large.

All different kinds of sites and things to look at on the ride up to the house.

So warm on the hike I had to srap my jacket around my waist and was able to hike in a thin t-shirt.