Never Seen Her Tail Wag So Much In One Weekend.

Saturday snowshoe in the Colorado mountains.

A weekend, is great if everyone around you is having the best time they can have. That was this weekend. I was happy, Stevo was happy, The Girls were happy, friends were happy-life is good. No-life is great most of the time. And that is what life is all about.

Started with a great commute home, a great afternoon hike, a snowshoe and dinner with Lucie's adorned, first mom.

Lucie first mom came over on Friday. Had not seen her in a long time and we knew Lucie would remember her. In fact Lucie has always had a very special bond with Melissa. Melisa would take Lucie home if we needed to go out of town. Melissa would take Lucie to shows and tay in hotels with her. Melissa would play with her, let her jump up on her, let her play with her daughter, let her have special treats, and even let her jump on the hotel beds. Yup, doesn't get too much happoier for a dog, then to have a "mom" that allows you all those fun things in life. And that, everyone, is what you rememebr in life. And Lucie remembered it all. She adores Melissa.

Not 100% it's OK to sit on the couch, yet.

Must be OK, I'm getting the attention.

Lucie's first time on the couch-at our house.
And then, the "keep away" game, that Lucie, herself, invented. She asked Melissa to play.

On Saturday, the weekend just kept getting better. We went on a snowshoe, last minute with more of The Girl's favorite people. Sally and Bob. Oh the fun!

All dogs and people getting ready.

Great snow for most of the hike. Sally and Bob skied and The Girls ran.

Sally gets ready for the Birkie. (spelling???)

Self photo with Dr. Bob. Goofing around, of course.

Me, trying not to step on a dog.

Tired Girls in the back of the truck.