Oh ye wind of winds...... why I like thee so....

Add ImageMan was it windy today, but... Steve and I were able to knock off another 50 something. Oh was I ever tired. It made for the 4th 50 something ride this week. Yeah, just before the cold is blowing in.
Let's see why wind is good. Well it...
1) Blows away smog and there can be a lot of it in winter around the Boulder area. I have asthma so I feel it when there's smog.
2) It blows you very fast in some directions.
3) If you drop a wrapper, you get to have lots of extra miles chasing after it.
4) You get morep owerful gluts and quads fighting it in all sorts of directions. And..
5) It makes calm days very very easy.

Did the Fruit Loops, again. I never get tired of them and when it's really windy, they keep you, sort of, out of the wind.

No takers on the ride other than Steve so off we went. After, of course, the girls got a hike. I know it must seem like out life revolves around the hikes-well, the do. Sort of. But happy dog is most certainly a good dog. Our dogs are good dogs.

Quite warm today. Got out the summer pants. Was 55 by the time we hikes and I think it hit 60 when we rode.