Yahoo, 2009 is here and looking wonderful. Little windy but I'm not complaining! My friend Catherine was doing a century with the RMCC. I asked her to call me with the route they were doing and she phoned at 7:50 this AM. "Yuppers", I said. "count me in to meet you all somewhere along the way".
So I hustled to Lyons (got there in 45 minutes) and met them at the Shamrock. Yup, they'd done 50 already.

Motorists may not like us on the road but man can we pack into a little market/gas station and buy a load of junk food and drinks.

I continued around Lyons with the group of about 20 and then headed back up 36 to Jay Road with them. Bit past there I peeled off and thanked them all for a great draft and talk fest. Just being polite, as I tagged on half way into their ride, and yes, I AM a member of RMCC.

From there I tooled around Boulder and decided to go say Happy New Year to my friend Alicia.Bought some milk ( I like 1% or non fat) and eggs. Yummy, eggs and Salmon. Going to be a great post meal snack. Then a little hike with Steve and the Girls. Perfect workout day.

Another ride-a 45 miler under the belt. Pretty good HR for a casual ride. Did a HR 155-160/ PE of about 6-7 ( was afraid I'd be late) the whole way to Lyons. No idea on power as the PowerTap is on another wheel. Rest of the ride it bounced around between 130 and 155.

Yesterday's ride was a little easier with about an average HR of 140. I'll make tomorrow's ride a sub tempo ride, unless the wind is really bad. That's where a good indoor ride comes in handy this time of year-easy to keep numbers low-I also can see power/watts.

Happy New Year Everyone!