How To Do a Proper Crunch.

OK. So nothing new for a long time. More to come about the last couple of weeks tomorrow. But here is something to do in the meantime. Crunches-the correct way. For more on that you can go to the web site: for more information. Should be some photos of exercises that help your Core - the muscles that surround our spine and allow us to hold ourselves uprights, bend over, and do just about anything.

Lie down on the floor (mat is fine) and bring your feet off of the floor. Then bend your knees. Place your hands behind your head and keep your elbows outward and parallel to the floor. Keep your chin away from your chest. Now, raise your shoulders off of the floor while trying to crunch your ribcage inward and towards your hips.

This is incorrect-see how my elbows come up and my chin is against my chest. No no no!

See. Here my chin has a space from my chest.