2301YTD. Taxes, hikes, and trainer rides.

Spring snow. Here one day and gone the next. Just like the taxes. Yahoo. They're done. Time to start riding again.
This last snow storm was amazing in that it brought so many trees down to touch the ground. Steve and I went around knocking off the snow and trying to get them to bounce back up. From today's hike, it looks like the trees all did a great job of going back to their normal upright position.

The great thing about the spring snow is that it gets the ground good and wet and then we can stop worriying about fires for a while . It's just so good for the trees and shrubs.

Took the lower trails today as the upper one is getting a newly placed fence across it. Sad that we may be losing that trail after so many people have passed that way for over 100 years. Steve and I know ways around it but it will be very difficult to ride on the new system. Funny how people like to use what others have only to fence off what they have without a care to a community. And after 140+ years. What a shame.

Lucie saw something in the tree she liked. Kayla no doubt is running around off in the distance.

Not much riding this week. Just worked and did the tax stuff. Now onto more riding and may another century this weekend.