3975M Hard Ward 150 Minus 50.

Last week was one recovery ride and about 30 hours of yard work and house work.

Relatives are coming to town and the yard needed Spring cleaning and planting. Lots and lots of time in that area this week.

Was pretty easy to recover from the Fleche and then just did a couple of really easy short spins.

Last Saturday Steve and I rode in the Ward 150. That's three loops of Ward to Lyons and back up to Ward. It's about 5500 feet of climbing per lap. We only had time for 2 laps. I don't know how Steve went to work after wards. I was so brain dead that I actually forgot my front wheel and we had to drive back for it.

The rides was very cold and some rain in the first 50. Due to that we were not on top of out liquid replacement and by the second warm lap we both had leg cramps. That's the first time, ever, for me.

Came home from that, worked a bit in the yard and then hiked the Girls for an our. Got back just in time to go to the launch of Vanessa Kemp's, and Bill's, Inyangi Launch Party. organic and homeopathic skin products. It is really great stuff. They will do well.

After the party I came home and actually fell asleep on the couch.

Up the next morning, Sunday, to water the yard and then headed out to ride. The ride was great as it was a touch faster than I may have done after the century on Sat. My legs cried a lot. Too bad. It's good to stack the training from time to time.

After the ride I headed to the laundrymat to wash 10 dog beds. (yes the Girls are spoiled). Took 2 hours so I ran errands and went to Home Depot for more mulch-for the yard.

Got home, worked in the yard and cleaned the house until midnight. I was so tired but happy to get it all done.

Today, off from work and finished up the yard, watered and walked the Girls.

Now ready to go to the airport.