SR Series, qualifying list, and more.

Ok. I still suck at posting on a regular basis.  The season has started and I'm quite a bit behind last year. Just cannot get in enough riding, as I'm still dealing with all of the accident stuff from a year ago. Just a fact of life, right now.

With that said, I'm still trying to keep a little bit of riding going. Only have about one more month and then hip and wrist surgery. Still want to qualify for PBP next year.  The hope is that all of this will be done by the time I have to get the SR series done next year and then get in enough training to do well at PBP.  It's more important this year, as so many riders are planning on doing the 1,000K this year to get on the list early. I can only hope that a 600K will be enough since I have so little time to get in the full SR series, let alone the 1,000K.

I'm still coaching several riders that are doing ultra distance races and events. Some of these riders are heading to PBP next year and it would be a blast to be there with them.

Switching gears... topics... it is finally looking like spring around here. I looked at some photos of May 12th, last year and the leaves were already out on the bushes and trees in our yard. Not this year. Budding leaves are just coming out, now. Crazy cold and snowy spring, we've had. I think everyone around here, not just the riders, are ready for warmer days.

I'll try to post more often and have some more tips on riding and staying in shape.