It's June Already!

Wow, has the time just flown by. Here it is June and I have more kelometers than this time last year-you know, just before I crashed on my road bike, commuting to work. That's the day my 2 years of come backs were shattered-AGAIN! That broken hip nearly shattered my determination and mental stability. But.... here we are again, and I'm about to leave (one week) for Nova Scotia to ride a 1000km Brevet. Yes, Steve is coming along, too.

My friend and client, Michelle Williams is doing such a wonderful job of writing that she has inspired me to write again. Thanks Michelle!

I'll write more about Nova Scotia later, but wanted to make a comment about the month of June.

I find for myself and also for many athletes that June is the "hump month". The month where you feel tired more easily. The month where motivation is hard to find. Then month, where the year seems really long. Not to worry. We forget that the years of training, racing, and riding, as well as, the months of the current year are all accumulative.

No worries. Take extra time off the bike and engage in other activities. Not activities that may hurt your riding-so don't take up running or water skiing, as they don't mix well with the muscles groups you've been using all season.

Take extra time with your family. Go to the movies, the park, or hang out with a friend. I bet they've missed you while you were riding every weekend. They'll be happy to reconnect with you. You'll be happy to have a diversion from your long rides and races. You'll recharge.

As you recharge, don't ignore your bike. Ride each day, or ride two days in a row with a good rest day between. Ride with friends you normally don't ride with that may not go your "normal" pace. You don't want your body to go into change of season transition mode. You want to get it refreshed along with your mental outlook towards your training.

Once you've taken several extra days off in this month of June and you feel rested-get back into your training but be mindful that it's a long season of riding and it's all accumulative.