Winter Riding Tips and the Denver Post.

Friend and client Catherine Shenk knows how to dress for a cold winter ride

This blog comes at a really good time, for a couple of reasons and because the Front Range of Colorado is about to get a big blast of winter.First reason: I was quoted in an article today from the Colorado Denver Post titled:

"Personal Trainers in Colorado like Michelle Grainger train in cold"
Friends ride together
The second reason: Cold and snow on the way tonight through Saturday.  This comes on the heels of really warm conditions for the last couple of weeks and I have to say, it was great riding last Saturday in temperatures in the 70s.  Oh well, it can't last but we can all still keep riding. You just have to know how to dress and who to talk into coming along with you. Bringing friends along is a great way to catch up, have company, and help keep you motivated

Another good tip is that you really need to dress for all different kinds of weather.

Layering your clothes and wearing the "right" cool and cold weather clothing is key to being able to stay active all Fall and Winter.

I like to wear plenty of wool clothing. I wear SmartWool socks and base layer. I find it never gets hot when I sweat or cold when it's wet.
Dressing for a winter hike

I also wear a wool Buff. You can take the the Buff and keep it on your head, under your helmet or bring it down to your neck for some neck and chin warmth. Either way works great!

A trick I use, and I stated in the Denver Post article, to keep your feet warm, is to wear a wool sock and place a pair of panty hose over them. This works well to keep in the heat and the wool sock keeps your feet from getting cold when they get wet from sweat. Personal trainers in Colorado like Michelle Grainger train in cold - The Denver Post

 If it's really really cold out you can add a layer of tin foil over your cycling shoe and under your shoe cover to get an extra layer of warmth and wind protection to your feet. I've used this trick while riding a 200km ride in January when the temperature was only 17 degrees (F) for most of the day's ride. I have to admit, though, I was not the happiest of riders on this cold ride. Just too cold.

The take away of the Denver Post article and this blog post is that you should continue to work out all winter long. If you don't want to do the activities inside, go outside but bring friends with you and dress for the conditions you'll be riding, running, hiking in. And..... have fun!