My Sister Lynne needs help and support. She was diagnosed with ALS.

My very courageous and loving and funny and smart twin sister just went courageously public with the information that she was diagnosed with ALS. I commend her and love her with all  of my heart.

This has been a very hard thing for Lynne and for our family. It's been a challenge to say the least. We hope to get enough funding to go out of the country for stem cell therapy, which has the best chance to stop the symptoms and reverse the ALS. I know-some people will say we are chasing dreams. But we have researched a lot and because Lynne also had cancer last year she can no longer be considered for clinical trials.

Lynne is the best part of me. She is funny, smart, imaginative, innovative, creative and more...

She has been working at throwing her whole life's savings at treatments, therapies, alternative and more. She has done all of this on her own and with support of friends and family.  I can't imagine what it's like to lose everything you worked your whole life for. But we are hopeful and she courageous and doing everything all the docs know to help with this.

Now... we are starting a fund raising campaign. See link below for her new blog page.
Thank you-and I know this comes on the heel of so many wonderful friends and people helping Steve and I through the September flooding in Colorado.   When it rains it pours. Did I really just say that? I did. And once again... it's pouring on us and we can use some more help.

Thank you to everyone for reading. I think this site may be about life and trying to ride and family and friends and........ you name it, I guess I'll try to write it.