USAC Mountain Bike Certification Distinction and a busy summer, indeed!

                  Pete Webber showing USAC Coaches how to teach mountain bike skills

2014 started a little slowly for Steve (husband) and me. We still had a lot of flood repair proects to do after the 2013 flooding. We started the new year being very grateful that we were alive and that our pets were all doing OK and they, too, made it through the flooding and mudslide. Still, riding a bike seemed miles or months away for us.  I'm happy to say we have still been able to do our jobs, fix the home/property and get back into some mountain biking and road riding, specifically some randonneuring.  We still have plans to make it to the 2015 PBP

                                         Night  riding is just one aspect of Randonneuring

                 My athlete on his way up to race in The Breck Epic 6 day MTB stage race

Yes, it certainly has been a busy summer and most of my athletes are now in full swing of their summer cycling and racing goals. As I write this, one of my athletes from Canada is racing in the Breck Epic 6 day MTB Stage race and is on the third stage of the race. Another athlete just finished The Leadville Trail 100. Yes, a great summer for mountain biking!

Not to leave out my road athletes. I've had two athletes do Iron Man races this year. One athlete raced in the and another in the first ever (and biggest ever IM) in Boulder Colorado.

Next on the summer list of rides is the Brendan from the Channel Islands and will be doing one last big push and then a taper leading into the end of August. Big goals means big fun and challenges.

One of my accomplishments this year was taking a second USAC distinction certification course. It was great fun taking this coaches course from Peter Webber. I now hole two USAC Certification Distinctions. One in CX and the other in mountain biking. It wasn't enough that I raced professionally for over 10 years on the mountain bike. It really helps to take skills clinics to brush up on new information or techniques and skills to pass on to my athletes.

That's all for now. I'm off to look up some race results and give some more tips to my clients and athletes. Thanks for reading.