Why Do I Coach?

Why do I coach? Some days this question is simple and other days it seems like a hard question to answer. But the biggest reason is, that I believe we progress through life because we set goals. We do what it takes to accomplish our goals. Determination and dedication towards our goals set in motion a path of learning what it takes to accomplish a goal. That's life. Our experiences in life help us reach our fitness goals and our fitness goals help us get through the many challenges of our lives. 

I recently received this heart felt email from a client I was coaching for several years. Over the years we worked together to help him achieve many mountain bike (racing) goals. It's wonderful when I get to work with an athlete for many years to see improvements year after year. Yup, this is why I coach. Thank you Joal.

"I am a tough client. I have no time. I grind myself into the ground. I need to know “why”. With this in mind, Michelle took me under her wing and provided heart-felt guidance that I feel goes beyond coaching. Her knowledge is superb (as tested time and again), her patience is amazing and she knows just how hard to push to maximize results. Successful coaching requires more than just setting up a schedule for intervals and long rides (who knew). Successful coaching, as I learned through the support of Michelle, centres on supporting the whole individual through hard training cycles and personal trials & tribulations. What a great recipe for success! It allows one to excel both mentally (oh so essential in racing) and physically, in life or on the race course. I wouldn’t have hit the podium consistently without her".