Sometimes the Fine Print is Worth the Read

If you’ve followed my blogs, you know I love micro brews. These handcrafted, innovative beers seem to satisfy my thirst in ways a smooth, rich Malbec or crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc just can’t touch. There’s something feisty and irreverent about these brews, which is often echoed in the beer labels. Before opening my beer, I usually study the design of the label and read the fine print. Yup, the fine print. Sometimes it simply states the alcohol content and city of origin, and more often some clever copy. So was the case with Little Sumpin’ — as I was admiring the label my eye was drawn to some tiny text (probably 4 point; which is classically how designers bury obligatory text that is invading the design) —yet this was outlandish and funny and worth reading. My point. Sometimes the fine print is a jewel. Want to know what it says? Go grab one from your fridge.