Longest ride of the year

Hey All.
Today was the best! I rode 87 miles with a good friend. She picked the mileage because she wanted to ride a Birthday ride twice her age. Guess you know her age now. I got to pick the direction of the ride. Since it was the longest ride of the year for both of us we decided to stay close to Boulder county.

We left Boulder and headed for Lyons, did the Fruit Loops, and then on to Rabit Valley, also a first for us. This was a beautiful quite road with a very slow incline. A route I will definitely do again.

From Rabbit Valley we headed for Hygiene to refuel with water and our own mixes of Accelerade. We saw so many people out riding beacuse today was a nice warm 60 degrees. It was awesome to see so many people out riding. Yeah Spring.

After Hygiene we headed east for somewhere near Longmont but I got a flat. Low and behold, as I looked in my seat bag, I noticed I had a mountain bike tube not a road tube. Woops. No worries, my friend had a road tube. After fixing the flat it began to go flat rather quickly. The valve was bad. Luckily we had a patch kit and there we sat patching the tube. It had to be one of my slowest flat repairs. 20 minutes! Obviously we were not in a hurry.

SInce we didn't have a tube we decided to head into Longmont to find a bike shop and buy a tube. Well, wouldn't you know, every bike shop we found was closed.

After zig zagging all around Longmont I was tired of the traffic and wanted to head back north and add on more miles. So
off we went back to Hygien and back to north Longmont (remember, we are trying to add miles to make sure when we returned to Boulder we had over 86 miles)

We then headed back south east toward the Diagonal from Airport Road and headed back into Boulder.

Once close to our cars, we realized that we were 2 miles short. So we spent some time heading towards the Holiday areaa in north Boulder and looped back around, ending at Performance Bike shop where we parked.

Most notible area was Rabbit Valley.
Most notible thing we saw was this hugh, and I mean hugh, bull frog.

Hope everyone had a great day today where ever you live and ride.