Still Snow Up There.

Today was hard to get out the door. That should have been an indication of how I would feel on the ride.

Started out late to do my favorite Sunshine to Gold Hill loop.

What I really wanted to do is go for another hike with my dogs but I really needed to get in a ride to continue with a 4 day ride block. Today was just a short climb.

I'm riding a fair amount right now to get in a good base before I head off for my April women's riding camp in Arizona.

As soon as I hit the climb on Poor Man Road I knew I was working too hard for the pace I was going. My heart rate should have been 130 and it was 155. Yikes! I would have told a client to turn around and go home. But did I? Nope. Continued on. Lucky for me I felt much better about 30 minutes later.

Almost bailed again at the turn off to Church Trail but decided it was OK to head up to Gold Hill.

Almost to the top of the climb I ran in to my awesome friend Shannon and some other friends. Talked for a little while and they went down and I went up.

Finished the ride in my usual time of 1:30. Not as bad as I thought.

Looking forward to tomorrow's road ride with Shannon and her hubby and then I'm meeting my own hubby for a mountain bike ride mid day.