Women's Camp Update

It's day 4 of Pac Tour Desert Camp's Women's Week in Sierra Vist, Arizona. This camp is for women who want to ride a lot of Spring miles and learn more about cycling. I am one of two coaches invited here to ride with the women and offer afternoon and evening lectures.

Day 1 of the camp takes us from our starting point in Tuscon up into the mountains (sort of mountains) to Sierra Vista. Known for it's military base and northern states retirees. It's a great place to ride with many roads taking you all over the desert. We have taken rides to Tombstone, Bisbee, Coronado, Sinoita, and down to Nogalas-almost to Mexico.

We have seena pink snake and little desert wild pigs. The girlas have been wonderful and done so well. My little sister is her and has made me so proud with her smiles, laughter and riding stamina.

I have logged about 380 miles so far and it's been a total blast. My sister and I will add a few extra miles onto tomorrow's ride so that we will get about 500 total miles for the 6 days of riding.

Our longest day was a 200 KM Brevet. About half of the group did the ride and the other half did a shorter loop. It was my longest ride of the year so far and was very happy to add in a few extra, finishing up withh about 136-140 miles.

Well, have to go back to the camp fun. Look into one of the Arizona Pac Tour camps for a 2008 early season riding vacation.