Love that Colorado Weather

If you live in Colorado you know we had some crazy weather this past weekend. Lots of rain, snow, sun, and wind, all mixed up together.

I had planned on an early morning long mountain bike ride on Saturday but ended up with a short but very hard road ride, instead. It seemed every time I started to get on my bike, the sky opened up and let go of a lot of rain.

As it turned out, I hiked with my dogs, Kayla and Lucie in the rain Saturday morning for an hour and then met my friend Shannon to hike with Kayla's brother, Kiptu mid-day.

Finally, I jumped on my bike at about 3:00 and rode the long Nelson Road Loop as fast as I could push my legs. I was lucky because the rain came down in buckets just as I was finished.

Sunday was a much better day and I rode a 70 mile ride with my friend Cheryl. We decided to stay close to Boulder and do many local area loops so that if it began to rain we would never be very far from home.

We headed out north of Boulder to hit the Fruit Loops. From there we rode up to Rabbit Mountain and into Hygiene. The weather was still good so we did a loop I call the "Square Loop" just north of Hygiene towards Cater Lake and then you come back onto Highway 66.

From there we worked our way over to Airport Road and onto the Diagonal. Nothing too eventful here but a quick way back into Boulder.

The ride was great because we were able to catch up on what each of us had been doing since out last ride. Not too many notable things to report here. Just another great weekend of riding and hiking brining my total miles for the season to a little over 2000. Hiking hours with the dogs, maybe about 250 hours. Could be a bit more as I some times hike them more then once per day.

Looking forward to a long ride on Wednesday with some friends. We are going ride a loop of the up-coming Ward 150. The Ward150 is 3 loops of Ward to Highway 7, down St. Vrain to Lyons, up 36 to Left Hand Canyon, up Lefthand and back to Ward. That unoffical official ride will be at 6 AM on May 19th.

That's all for now.