Go Rent Catch and Release-the movie

Because so many people have been calling to tell me they saw me in a movie, I decided to write about it.

About a year and a half ago, my friend Shannon Tupa called and asked if I and my husband could be in Boulder (we live about 20 minutes away) in less than an hour. She was setting something up so that we could be part of a group of cyclists that would sign up to be extras in the up coming movie Catch And Release, starring Jennifer Garner

We booked it out of the house and made it to Boulder in time to get in as the extras and then were told that we would be contacted in the near future to be filmed at various locations around Boulder. Cool! We were going to be in a movie.

The day came when we were told where and when to meet, makeup was applied and sponsored cycling clothing OK-ed. Yeah! Shannon and her Team's Tokyo Joe's outfit was in. Yeah! my KHS-Rudy Project outfit was in. This extra gig was going to have added benefits of pleasing sponsors and making us all famous. (just kidding).

The first few hours sitting and standing at The Sink in cycling clothes and milling about with the stars was fun. Then, it got hot. Then, the billionth take took place. Then, we realized that our puppy was home alone-all day. UUUHHHGGG! Call the neighbors! Let the dog out!

So after a very long day-6 AM to about 9PM, we were done. Were we stars? That was to be determined on the cutting room floor.

Well, if we were not in the movie there wouldn't blog about it... so... you guessed it.

Shannon is next to the leading male star, Michael Oliphant. He was right next to her. That means they couldn't cut her out. There she was-in full view. And there Steve (husband of mine) was next to me. We were in. The wait was worth it.

Thanks to Shannon we were able to make it into the movies. And it never hurts to make the sponsors happy, too.

So. Thank you Shannon and thanks to the neighbors for letting the puppy out to pee. The day was a success.