Fall is not quite here.

Nothing special today except I'm glad it is still warm. I'm glad it's not quite Fall, yet. I'm glad there is still lots of time to hike, ride, play, visit friends, and take mini vacations to Alaska.

Today Steve and I hiked the girls to the Apple Mine and Red Shack. I do this hike almost every day, if not twice in a day. That makes over 800 times since we got Lucie and at least another 100 or so times on my mountain bike.

We've lived here for 16 years and not a day goes by that I don't thank the stars for our good fortune. I thought we'd only be here around 5 years and then move somewhere different. Nope, 16 years and I love it. Cannot imagine living anywhere else. Maybe Canada. Maybe back in the Pacific North West. But here is very much home. I love the mountains. I love the wide open spaces. I love being fit enough to enjoy every bit of it.

After today's hike, Steve and I went and did a mountain bike ride that we named years ago, "The Business Loop". Actually Steve named it. It takes about the same amount of time-give or take 10 minutes, every time we do it. And yes, I've most likely done this loop about once to three times every week of every year I've lived here. Never get tired of it. In fact that's probably the reason I was a good bike racer. I never thought anything looked the same no matter how many times I'd been there. Just loved the moment that I was in.

Where I live, I get to see 100 year old shacks, 100 year old mines, 100 year old claim markers, and yup, 100 year old apple trees with water flowing beneath, from springs. This is where I live, and I'm as proud to live here today as I was 16 years ago.

Not to say I don't mind going and visiting other places. I love to travel. That's why I go to places like Alaska, Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, and Canada.

This is a marker from about 100 years ago. Pretty cool. Below is an Orchid. When they first start growing in the early Spring, they look like Asparagus. This one is about 2 1/5 feet tall.

Flowers are incredible. So much color.

This is the apple tree near the red shack. It sits on top of a pipe that has running water almost all year. Spring water, likely for the miner and his family that once lived here. Now it feeds the apple tree and the apples feed the bears. Of course, Kayla and Lucie enjoy the water here, too.

It's hard to make life as simple as way back then. 100 years ago or more. But then again, what I grow, what I drink, and what I do, doesn't have the same life or death consequences as it did way back then. 100 years or more ago. I'm lucky to be able to come and hike here and enjoy it all.