Two days to go until we leave for Alaska and I'm mostly packed. I hate to leave things for the last minute.

I actually have everything on the dinning table. I'm trying to go as light as possible. Everything from shoe covers to shower caps. Shower caps, the kind you get in hotel rooms work great to cover your helmet in rain. The list is pretty good for traveling light. Long gloves, short gloves, three light weight jackets to layer, if needed. Wool mittens (I get cold hands), 4 tubes, helmet, lights, bear bells, hand warmers, camera, IPod Shuffle, and even an emergency blanket.

My New Rudy Project Rydon glasses arrived today and the helmet will be here before Wednesday.

It's raining pretty hard tonight and I figure the weather is just getting me used to what may be coming for the weekend. Maybe the rain will be here and it will be unseasonably dry in Hope.

It's going to be a great trip and an adventure. I like adventures. Pretty good coming from someone that likes consistency. But I like to go different places and ride. And this trip will be all of this and more.