Fast commute and slow to home

Nope. Nothing to do with my commute today. He/she has been hanging out in the yard eating rodents this summer. About 5 1/2 feet long and gets really pissy if you mess with it. Tried to act like a rattle snake. Wasn't, just a huge Gopher snake. Really huge. Just beofre I took the photo he/she had a neighbor's cat in the corner.

My commute was hard and fast. Got to work in under 30 today. Not the fastest but good enough.

Good fun games on the way down. No DQs today. Makes up for yesterday when I went over the 4-Mile yellow line twice.

If ya get DQed you have to let up and go slow. So it pays not to DQ or I become late for work.

It was also cold on the way down and the way back up. Still, it beats the car on most days.