Day one and two of vacation.

Steve and I flew into Boston to visit with family. Steve's cousins,Solange, Magali, and Viviane, from France, are here. I haven't seen his family from France for several years and it's been good to visit. A reminder that I need to study my French. Too hard to figure out what everyone is saying. I can only catch words here and there. Also, it's a big difference from Colorado. the vegetation is so lush and green and there are ponds everywhere.

We went into Boston on day two. I love Boston. To visit, that is. I prefer mountains and woods but I find cities interesting with all of the different cultures, the smell of different foods, and the history.

We walked and read about the memorial for the Holocaust. (See photo above). Saw great architecture, walked all over the city and parks and took the subway back to the car

As we drove the country roads, I kept imagining what it must have been like for the first settlers to come here. The woods are so thick with ferns, bushes, and trees, it would be difficult to get through them very quickly, if at all. Colorado and other states out west are so different with the open pine forests, meadows, and mountain vista.

The big mistake this vacation, was to forget my camera battery. Next thing to do is to go try to find another battery.

Monday we'll be with my Aunt and Uncle near the Cape.