Hiking, Vegas, more colors, and riding

If you squint your eyes you can almost pretend you see the great colors on the Aspen trees back home. Sure ya can.

I left the Girls behind and Steve was already there. Vegas. The end of summer ritual for a lot of cyclists industry folks. Interbike. I was only there for 3 days. Went to help Accelerade and see friends.

It's really weird. Someone asked me what the weather was like and I actually couldn't tell them. I spent so much time inside.

Best meal: Inside the secret Italy booth down the hall from the Accelerade booth. And everyone thought "secret" only was applied to trails. The chefs were flown in from Italy and it was an awesome spread. Baguette, salad, prosciutto, olives, risotto, and pasta. Yummy! Thank you Italy.

Best events: Seeing lost friends (thanks for lunch E.T. See you soon in Fruita) and old friends and the crit. Too many crashes at the crit, though.

Best other thing: Coming home. Seeing our Girls when we got home. So much tail wagging. Thanks Katherine.

Today; got up, had coffee and oatmeal, played with the Girls and then, Steve and I went for a short pre work ride. The colors are really good right now. I have seen a little better, on drier summers, but they look better then I thought. I thought I may have missed the peak going to Vegas.

Today's ride seemed to go so slow but the times to certain points were on average. There was a really cool strong wind that blew in our faces, as we made the way to the trails, and then it seemed to turn and come from the opposite way once we a little higher up in to the hills. Thought for sure we'd get rained on, but the clouds never opened up on us. My legs never quite felt very good. Kind of flat. So much standing at the show makes the legs really heavy. Not to mention the plane ride.

We could see some new snow on the mountains and will likely check it out on Sunday's ride or hike. It's be nice to get up high but I have a feeling that's what every other person with eyes and a car will be doing. So maybe we should stay closer to home and check out the good Aspen colors near the house.
The colors of red and orange in the shrubs are the best right now.

Can't wait for the day to begin tomorrow. Hear there's rain and wind possibilities.