Giving in to fall

After the rain Sunday and Monday, and now the cold temps, I have given in to the idea it's fall. I actually really like fall. I like the cool rides, the dark blue skies but I'm just not ready quite yet.

I found out today that the local black bear has two cubs. Means more leash time for the Girls. The good news is that she and the cubs were eating the apples from an apple tree, up the street. And today was trash day. That means people leave their trash out early or even over night. Then, that means the bears come for the trash. But this bear seems to be getting her young to eat the natural food. Good thing all of my plums are picked.

The Girls and I headed up some hiking trails early this morning. Same spots as usual. Only now, usually, means watching the trail become a dirt road. I guess it's for the new home builders to be able to drive to new building sites. Three new building sites and two new owners. Kind of a bummer because I've hiked here for so long that it felt like it would stay woods and trees and hills forever. But I do have my own house. A small piece of the pie. It's not for me to ever say someone else can't have theirs.

On the trails, we found a large fox tail. Just the tail. Big and orangy-tan and bushy. Wonder if the fox made it? I'm not sure it can live without a tail. Not sure there are too many things that can catch a fox. Maybe, more things are back in the neighborhood this week. More than just the bears.