Last of the vacation days

The last day of vacation was great. Not that is was great because it was the last day. But great because the weather was warm and sunny and we did some last minute fishing. Too, the local river swans made their way to the dock to hang for a little bit.

We had seen them mid week down in the marshes when we went kayaking. We were careful not to get too close as there are 4 young ones.

Steve and I have talked about taking our own bikes to the cape next year and ride more. That would mean that there would be less fishing. Hhhhmmmm, less fishing?

Off the dock, before we left, I caught a huge Blue Fish. It was about 24 inches long and Steve thinks it was at least 10 pounds. That's big.

It took several minutes to get it onto the dock. It was such a struggle that I actually had to wrap my leg and arm around the dock pole so that I didn't fall into the water. I almost lost it but Steve got it into a net just before it let go of the hook. I kept water on it until Steve could take a photo and off it went back into the water. Bragging for a long time to come.