Vacation day 5, I think

Day one, here in Bourne, was a day of fishing off the dock and fishing in the skiff. Steve wins the "biggest fish" award with a 15 inch Blue Fish. Nasty bugers. Lots of teeth and lots of fighting. Won't find me swimming in these waters any more.

Also went into Falmouth for shopping and hanging out. Steve's goal; the cheap t-shirt store. Steve also bought really cool shirts and seat shirts. T-shirts with Cape Cod logos go for $5-10.00 and great jackets for under 20. Good shopping this time of year. Good food, too. I had this great dish of scallops, shrimp, and white fish with a light cream and wine sauce. It had a few really tasty raviolis with it, too. Add to that a great IPA beer and life is good. Vacation is good.

Day three and four.

More fishing. Some shopping, and more yummy eating. Rode 25 year old mountain bikes to Woods Hole. There is a section of trail along the RR that part of the Centennial Trail. very nice trail and beautiful sights of the water along the way. Ate the best seafood plate, yet. More IPSs, too. Steve caught more Blue Fish and we almost fell out of the skiff when he tried to get a 20 inch Blue Fish into the boat. He had to let it go as he was trying to get it on the boat but it was way too big and heavy. No fish but one of the best sunsets I've ever seen. So pink and orange.

Day 5.
After last night's awesome orange and pink sunset,thought I'd wake up to a warm and sunny day. Nope. day five is cloudy.

Still no camera batery charger but do have a new battery. That means limited camera use until I find a charger. The charge that is on the new battery has done a good job but I am fearful that I'll drain the battery if I try to download photos. For now, no photos for you to view.

Went to Liam McGuire's last night to watch the Red Sox lose another game. Bummer! Had the best bread pudding I've ever had. Moist, yummy, and loads of raisins. Liam, famous aound the world for his folk singing was there. Nice treat.

Steve caught Dog Fish, small Blue Fish, and some tiny Black Sea Bass off the dock. We're off now to row out to open waters to catch the big blue he lost last night.