Another Silly Hat Trick

The hike today was incredible! it was mostly a leash day because of the lion sighting yesterday. Too, the Girls were on heightened alert which could mean the big kitty may have been in the area.

When they smell something that's different in the area, a smell they are not used to, they do this funny air blowing threw their mouth. It make s sound like a horse blowing air. Really funny to watch and hear. Their mouths puff out and with each breath.

After letting them play around at the start of the hike without their leashes on, they began to take a lot of interest in something down wind and down the slope. So.... on leash it was.

When we reached the Magic Quartz Rock, they were really interested in something down the hill and it was quite difficult to get their attention for the "hat photo".

All the same, the hour hike was perfect. The sun was out and the sky was completely clear, that perfect deep blue fall color. It was a bit windy and that made the air pretty crisp.

No riding today, too windy by late afternoon and quite cold. Tomorrow, maybe.